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Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Keith sharpened his wit living in the projects and enduring the sting of his Trinidadian mom’s belt when his grades fell short.  This upbringing nurtured his uncanny ability to capture human behavior with his writing, stand-up comedy and acting.  While hanging out in Greenwich Village, attending New York University, he started performing on stage. 


Currently working on the West Coast, he is featured in the independent film, “Who Stole the Electric Car” which screened at various film festivals across the U.S. and in Europe.  He performed a monologue piece for Lifestyle Magazine which aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network.  He also booked several commercials, one with award-winning director Harold Einstein on a General Mills Fruit Roll Ups national commercial and another with creative director Vanessa Marzaroli on an Angie's List commercial.

Infusing a love of acting with a passion for writing and performing stand-up comedy, Keith is hilariously cerebral…an animated old-schooler. There is an urban legend that says Franklyn Ajaye and Woody Allen were gene-spliced and the result was Keith.  He performs at Los Angeles clubs such as the Improv and Ice House and has made television appearances on shows on CBS, BET and Comedy Central.


"Keith Michael Ashton lives and breathes comedy"

 - Mike Buzzelli




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