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Does Your Head Spin Around?

I love me some Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. Richard Pryor’s Live in Concert is my favorite standup comedy concert film. I first saw the film in a small theater in Manhattan with just a handful of patrons during the day. I laughed so hard. I could not believe how funny he was. I sat through two screenings that day. My second favorite standup comedy concert film is Eddie Murphy’s Delirious. I also love me some Richard “Nothing But Love Songs” Jeni. But my favorite comedian is Franklyn Ajaye. He was the first comedian that mesmerized my mind. Something about his approach, his pacing, the way he thinks, and his voice had me in awe the first time I heard him. I first heard his act on cassette tape and I was hooked. He is cool, calm, intelligent. He has this bit about taking out a librarian on a date for the first time and she says something to him that catches him off guard; so off guard that he doesn’t respond. But after the date, he thinks of a phenomenal comeback line. He keeps repeating the line to himself, wishing he had thought of it on the date. Eventually he wants to set up another date with her; and he won’t make any plans of where to take her out, because his only intention would be to knock on her door, and when she opens the door, deliver the line to her face and then turn around and leave. That routine is the reason why I do comedy. It’s his, “Does Your Head Spin Around?” routine. Man, love me some Franklyn Ajaye.

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