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12 Years A Slave Faizon Love - Lost Audition Tape

Man, I love me some Faizon Love. He's a personal friend and a brilliant comedian; HILARIOUS standup comic and an actor with solid film credits: Fridays, 3 Strikes, Elf, Money Talks, Wonderland, Idlewild, Couples Retreat (just to name a few), which has garnered him an impressive vast and varied following. I enjoyed him way before he hit it big. He used to crush it at The Comedy Act Theater. The Comedy Act Theater was opened by Michael Williams in 1985, in south central Los Angeles. Michael recruited the late Robin Harris, creator of the famous “Bebe's Kids” series, and soon became the first and only major comedy club to cater to black performers and audiences. Much love to Michael Williams and Faizon Love.

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